Muffin Pan Recipes

Egg Benedict Cups w/ Hollandaise
Mini Monkey Bread
Easy Mini Quiche
Mini Chocolate Croissant Puffs
Maple Syrup Pancake Muffins

Whole Wheat Irish Soda Muffins
Easy Peasy Firefighter Impressing Blueberry Muffins

Mini Mushroom Gorgonzola Tarts
Chipotle Turkey Cups
Cranberry Brie Puffs
Mushroom Brie Tartlettes
Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Tarte Tatin
Thai Pumpkin Wonton Cups
Pumpkin Chipotle Tartlette
Cheddar Apple Sausage Biscuits
Sausage Stars

Main Dishes:
Muffin Pan Tacos
Ravioli Lasagna Cups
Pumpkin Turkey Meatloaf w/ Cranberry Glaze
Pepperoni Monkey Bread
Chicken Enchilada Stacks
Jumbo Burger Cups
Reduced Guilt Irish Nacho Cups
Mediterranean Polenta Cups
Mini Shepards Pie

Side Dishes:
Stuffin' Muffins'
Scalloped Sweet Potato Muffins
Pumpkin Feta Muffins
Spinach Feta Swirls
Potato Gratin Cups
Spicy Chocolate Chunk Cornbread

White Chocolate Mousse Cake
Cream Cheese, Butterscotch Pumpkin Pie w/ Pecan Ginger Snap Streuse 
Mini Pretzel Sweet Potato Pie w/ Cinnamon Honey Buttercream
Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes
SF Giants Cupcakes
Bourbon Sweet Potato Cupcakes
Candy Corn Cupcakes (x2)
Jello Shots
Pumpkin Pie Bites
Cookie Cups
S'more Brownies
Strawberry Pretzel Pie Bites
Coconut Cream Cupcakes
Mini Banana Cream Pie Regular Low Fat Vegan
Frozen Watermelon Raspberry Greek Yogurt Cups

Blackberry Buttermilk Cupcakes
Margarita Cupcakes (x2)
Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes
Guinness Stout Cupcakes with Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting
Mexico Cupcakes
Churro Cupcakes
Root Beer Float Cupcakes
Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Not in a Muffin Pan:
Buffalo Chicken Braid
Pull Apart Pizza Bread
Spinach Dip


  1. Hi, I'm Alice.
    I just read the Kevin&Amanda email,
    and opened your site.
    It is GORGEOUS!
    I love the positive & happy colors :)

    Keep blogging ;)

  2. You are a genious! From your site I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner in my muffin pans!

  3. I love the muffin pan idea. I definitely need to try these recipes out with my kids. How fun to serve things cooked in muffin pans. Love Love Love it!

  4. My dad is going through weight loss surgery this week and he's freaking about about cooking because he LOVES it but is afraid he won't be able to enjoy it because of the small portion sizes. I stumbled on this site and passed it on, and I think he's finally getting excited for the challenge!!

  5. @Ala - THANKS!
    @Amy & Amy - It's my goal to make breakfast lunch and dinner at the same time in one pan. And yes its perfect for kids.
    @Leigh - I keep meaning to write a post about how perfect cooking in the muffin pan is for weight loss. My boyfriend and I are on a weight loss kick right now. Stay tuned for posts about how your dad can use these recipes to stay healthy!

  6. I love your site! Whenever I have a hankering for muffins, this is the first place I come!!
    Keep it up :)

  7. I have a great muffin pan meatloaf idea for you. Ground meat (whatever you like) and a can of vegetable soup. Mix and bake. Presto chango - mini muffin meatloaves!


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