Wanna hear something weird?
36% percent of bloggers are named Amy.

Haha okay that's a total lie. But it is a CRAZY amount. I am always coming across new blogs that I find super interesting and then I read on and the blog author is named Amy. I think that's fun!

So I'm compiling a list of Amylicious blogs, as I'm calling them. Check them out. I'm thinking of creating a button too! So if you wanna be Amylicious @ DYKTMP? come back for a button. Oh and leave me a comment if you want your blog to be featured here! Amys (and Amelias ) Unite!

Amy's Life - by Amy Claire (We even share the same middle name! Shut up!)
The Hand Made and Natural Life - by Amy F (we have the same initials!)
Busy Bee Quilt Group - by Amy K
Domesticity and Other Ponderous Things - by Crazy Amy
Amy's Knits - by Amy S
AmyLouWho - by Amy
Amy's Creative Side - by Amy
She Wears Many Hats - by Amy (always has yummy recipes)
Blogging with Amy - by Amy (check her out for SUPER helpful blog tips)
The Idea Room - by Amy
Simple Bites - by Aimee
Sweet Designs - by Amy Atlas (Shes a pretty well known designer, featured all over the web) 
The Nifty Foodie - by Amy
Amy's Cooking Adventures - by Amy
The Scene from Me - by Amy
Singing for Your Supper - by Amy
Modge Podge Rocks - by Modge Podge Amy
All in a Day - by Amy
Living Lucurto - by Amy
Kitty Cats and Airplanes - by Amie
Simply Me - by Amy
PunkStyle & The Swapaholics - by Amy ( I love this! She's a swapaholic too!)
Buggie and Jellybean - by Amy
The Savvy Kitchen - by Amy
Amy Bakes Everything - by Amy
Just 2 Good - by Amy
Playing House - by Amy I.
Amy's Culinary Adventures - by Amy
Baking and Mistaking - by Amy 
A Little Nosh - by Amy 
Amalah - by Amy
AmyBites - by Amy (This Amy posted the same recipe on almost the same day as the Amy below!)
Amy's Quest - by Amy (Amy telecommunication!)
 Everything I Love  - by Amy F
Faith, Hope, and Love - by Amy R
My Happy Crazy Life - by Amy Sue
Fearless Homemaker - by Amy


  1. LOVE IT!
    Amylicious.......Awesome Amy's Blog!
    Great place to find other blogging Amy's!

  2. Love it! I'm happy to be an "Amylicious" blogger!

  3. What can I say? This is very cool! Thanks for including me :)

  4. That is awesome! I love being included to your Amylicious blog!

  5. Amy's rock. Thanks for including me!

  6. Hey!! I made your Amylicious list and I didn't even know it! You so need to make a button. Have you ever noticed that there are no Amy's under 20? For there to be so many of them around, I haven't heard of anyone lately naming their baby Amy.

  7. Thanks for including me in this list. I have another blog too if you want to include it.
    You definitely need to create a button. I'll put it on my blog for sure. I wonder what age ranges all us Amy's are? Never thought about Amy not being a popular name anymore.

  8. Hey - I just found your blog, and I'm an Amy blogger too! Check me out at


  9. Oh that's hilarious!! You should check out She's an Amy too, and an amazing writer.

  10. I don't remember how I found me on this list, but I LOVE IT!!! I've seen this same phenomenon and a few years back became one of the blogging amys. Glad there's this too. Makes me like all you amy's that much more! :)

  11. Haha! How cute!
    Amy's of the world unite! Hehe!! x

  12. Hello fello Amys. :-) I have a... well... I guess you could call it a blog...; It's mostly just a public place to display the little bit of novel that I have written (and have no foreseeable hope to ever finish *sigh*)

    I like the muffin pan ideas. Makes me want to go out and buy muffin pans, which I do not have.

  13. And another, although it's not updated as often as I'd like. :-)

  14. I write a food blog, Nibbles of Tidbits, and my sister's name is Ami, does that count? Probably not, hahahaha -- If I stumble across an Amy/Ami, I'll let you know. Good luck with your fun blog!

    Shelly :)

  15. HA! Too funny! I am Amy Renea and I blog at 'A Nest for All Seasons'. There are an awful lots of Heathers and Sarahs too, don't you think?


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