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Hello! My name is Amy and I live in beautiful sunny San Diego. I've been out of the game for some time but I'm coming back! 

My Inspiration for the blog

My inspiration comes from Melissa d'Arabian, the Next Food Network Star. Sounds silly but her recipe on the final episode (admittedly the only episode I saw) is the inspiration for the whole blog. The first time I made this recipe was on Thanksgiving a.k.a The Big Show. I love LOVE potatoes gratin and thought this recipe would be a great way to change it up. I made two trays, so 24 potato gratin "muffins." They were a HUGE hit and thus started my love for all things muffin sized. This blog will show case recipes featuring the muffin pan, different types of pans, and the occasional random-ness I decide to blog about. I am excited to start this journey and hope you decide to follow along!

Now for the Disclaimer...

The Disclaimer: I am not a mom, I am not always a faithful blogger, and I don't make every recipe I feature! *cringe*

Okay so I'll explain. I have been following so many fun, inspiring blogs like Picky-Palate.com and KevinandAmanda.com. Jenny of Picky-Palate is an adorable mom, posting recipes for her kids or made with her kids. Amanda of KevinandAmanda is a blogger at heart, you can just tell. She is faithful about writing and takes the most amazing photos. Both always take pictures of their own food and feature only recipes they have tried themselves. I am not anything like Jenny or Amanda. But one can hope :0) 

Just so you all know, while some of the pictures aren't my own, some definitely are (mostly the ugly ones)! I do make a lot of the yummy muffin pan recipes myself, most of the time, the ones I've featured on here. However, I sometimes make them after the fact AND my pictures are not as good as the ones I've found at the original source so I stick with the pretty shot.
The site is meant to catalog my hours of scouring the web for muffin pan recipes. I want this blog to be the go to site for muffin pan recipes. I WANT TO START A REVOLUTION! hehe Okay not really, but I am hoping the idea of food in a muffin pan will move its way out of just desserts and into all types of food. I hear from nice folks all the time who say "I have this recipe I've been making in my muffin pan for years." SEND THEM OVER! I would love to feature your recipe on this blog. It's a group effort!

Okay... now that that's out of the way let me say...



  1. I found your blog through KevinandAmanda.com. I love to make food items in muffin pans, too! I wanted to share an idea rather than a recipe. For Valentine's Day, everybody loves heart-shaped food, right? Make your favorite brownie recipe, divide the batter into muffin cup liners, then put a marble in between each liner and the muffin pan to "dent" in one side so the brownies will come out heart-shaped instead of round! The baking will not hurt the marbles, just don't touch them while they are still hot!

    Good luck on your blog--I'll be watching for new recipes!

    Tammy Vincent

  2. Amy,

    After reading this section of your blog, it dawned on me that you could perhaps encourage folks to use muffin pans to measure a reasonable size portion so not to over eat!! Only since our country is so over weight! What do you think??


  3. I love Jenny's idea of using muffin pans for portion control. I think it's also a fun way for kids to eat. I am going to try some of your recipes and also be inspired to think outside the box for some of my own recipes for the kids. I may even think about getting some muffin pans and silicone muffin wraps for them to eat out of. There is actually a blog all about this, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. If your interested, I'll try to dig it out. I may need to revisit it if I plan to do this for my kids!

  4. Hi! I found your blog through KevinandAmanda.com which I just discovered this week. I always like to check out the About Me pages and was surprised to see you live in La Mesa too! :) Don't you think the village needs a cupcake shop?! Hope to see you around town... or on twitter (@kylenekaelin)... or on FB (www.facebook.com/kylenekaelin)! :)

  5. remember 'you had me at hello'?
    well... you had me at egg benedict in muffin cups.... Amy you ROCK. Thanks for being a great resource. I have put you on my go-to list.

  6. Amy, I love love your blog and recipes! I can bake, roast, broil, etc. well...pretty much anything to do with the oven but I can't ever use the stove top! Your recipes give me hope that I can be proud of being an oven cooker! Thank you and keep them coming!

  7. Hi Amy,

    Just wondering if you would like to receive a review copy of my muffin tin cookbook The Muffin Tin Chef: http://www.amazon.com/Muffin-Tin-Chef-Appetizers-Delicious/dp/161243052X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332072665&sr=8-1

    It's based on my blog www.muffintinmania.com
    If you would like one, just contact me through my blog!


  8. What a funny "About Me" page, you literally had me laughing out loud. Thanks for that :)

    I used to live in San Diego, I went to school at SDSU and then worked there for several years. I still love San Diego and always try to make it there whenever I can.

  9. I made your pineapple upside down muffins for my luncheon today and they were a big hit. Everyone loved them!

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