Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going to Canada, eh?

27 GOALS FOR 27 / Take a trip to a place I've never been

This past week I went to Canada for the very first time!
Sounds fun, eh?

Haha I've been practicing my Canadian all week. Apparently, besides the obvious "eh" and "aboot" they also say DECKels instead of decals and PAHsta and they have Cheez Whiz in a jar that they spread on english muffins! I guess that it isn't really a part of the accent but still it fascinated me.

When I first wrote this list, I knew that Canada was the new place I wanted to see. Last summer, I met Hailey at the San Diego airport. Literally, the first time we ever met was when I picked her up from the airport. We like to tell everyone we met on the internet, though. We met over a random tweet, not sure from who to who but from there, a friendship just grew. So when she decided to come to San Diego all the way from Edmonton, Alberta last year for BlogHer I knew I was gonna repay the visit someday soon.

Well that day came this past week. After a quick but very fun trip to Seattle, I flew on the Tiniest. Plane. Ever. to Edmonton. Thank goodness for the free beer (yes free beer or wine on Horizon Air, fyi) because without it, I probably would have had to have been sedated.  

Hailey was such a great host. I got to see so much of Edmonton. First night there I had real poutine. Fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Tastier than it sounds, I promise. I also got to try donair in both the regular and pizza form. Its very tasty. Tasted like gyro meat only with a bit of sweetness added to it. I really liked the pizza best to be honest. Maybe thats the American in me ;0)

The next day we took a stroll down Whyte Ave. We hit up some thrift stores, took in the sights, and then stopped to share nachos and have some Bulldogs.
A Bulldog is a lime slushy, tequila, and a coronita tipped in. I call them beeritas, in SD they call them Coronaritas, in SF they call them Mexican Handstands. Either way, they are tasty and boozy! Hailey got a virgin, of course. That whole being pregnant thing and all ;0)

One of the biggest highlights of my trip to Edmonton has to be the West Edmonton Mall. It is the World's Largest Mall! Can you believe that? It's bigger than the Mall of America. We spent the whole day there, shopping, sight seeing and doing crazy things like riding the world's tallest rollercoaster. Well once again, just me. Something about a baby not being able to ride hehe

Clearly I'm having fun already! I am not afraid of heights I am not afraid of heights. That is not terror in my face, oh no.

Turns out I had a great time. The girl behind me, however, was not. As soon as the ride stopped she started to cry. I think she may have even "called the dinosaurs" right after. She does look a little green here doesnt she? hehe Poor thing. At least I was fine! hehe I insisted on front, if you're wondering. Wanted the best possible picture.

 This mall is so large, I can't even begin to wrap my head around it. It has over 800 stores, has parking for more than 20,000 car, employees around 23,000 people and sees 28.2 million visitors a year. Holy!

This mall has everything you can imagine: a theme park, a water park, a hotel, a movie theater, a ropes course, mini golf, a regulation skating rink and a full size pirate ship with a sea lion show and rotating animal exhibition at the cove. And a Hooters. I mean seriously. 

Recently (at the cove, not the Hooters) they had flamingos on display, before that monkeys, and dolphins at one point. Oh and then theres the penguins. The penguins are walked around the mall every day. They just waddle around taking in the sights. SUPER bummed I missed that.

Oh well, I think I got to see about as much as my brain could take in. After that roller coaster ride, I was pretty tired physically and emotionally.

Well after this, the fun didn't stop. Coming up next is our trip to Jasper National Park. Check back to see hot springs, elk, rainbows, and more!


  1. Yay!! I am so happy that you had a great time here :) I absolutely LOVED having you visit!!!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time. Me thinks I want to try those poutine fries sometime.


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