Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The HA-lympics!

I have Olympic fever!
I just can't help it, every four years I get goosebumps from the pomp and circumstance of it all. The music, the competition, the upsets, the heroes and the underdogs. It all speaks to me. So while driving around getting ready for our annual family vacation (year number 22) I got the most brilliant idea!


YES! So I called my mom and sister and brother and told them all about it. They were definitely on board! But I already knew they would be. My family is fun! We get together up in Tahoe every year and play games, go to the beach, gamble, and eat. OH do we eat!

And of course, we laugh! A lot. Because we are the HA-HAs.

Oh, the HA-HAs?
Let me explain -  The HA-HAs started in 2005 when all the mamas of the house we're reading The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. They adored it. It spoke to them because we were a slightly dysfunctional "family" who always have each others backs. Someone started referring to us as the HA-HAs shortly after and it stuck. Years later we've come up with HA-HA t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, bags, more tshirts, bookmarks, more hats, and now HA-lympic medals!

So with my fabulous idea and all the necessary supplies, I created the HA-lympics!
 If you'd like to host your own goofy Olympics then just follow these five simple steps.

Host your own HA-lympics:

1. Create Your Medals
I went to Michael's and got pre-cut circles,
gold, silver and bronze paint, coordinating paint pens,
and purple ribbon. Simple and easy.

2. Create Your Own Countries

I had everyone in the house make their own country and flag using
regular printer paper and smelly makers (remember those?!).
The goofier the country name, the better.
I was from the colorful country of YOLO!
My favorites had to be HOWLand and HAHALandia.
And CROCistan for the Croc enthusiasts out there haha

3. Orchestrate a Fantastic Opening Ceremony and Torch Lighting
Armed with the Olympic theme song and a container of glow sticks
I called out each country name and displayed their flag.
Then I handed each "country" a glow stick to "light"
and place in the "torch." This was my FAVORITE PART!

4. Decide on Events and then Throw Them out the Window!
I had a lot of fun ideas for events like a ping pong tournament
and several types of races but in the end
I just observed what people were doing
and came up with goofy medals of my own.
Everyone seemed more excited to see what
categories there were versus who had actually won.

5. Present the Awards
Once again, with the music blasting, I first called out the categories
"For excellence in Bear Hunting, the gold medal goes to..."
 or "In the category of super cleaners, the bronze medal is awarded to..."
Then one by one folks came up to receive their medals!

And there you go! Good wholesome family fun!
The inner-teacher in me was out in full force during this project and I had a blast!
I think everyone else enjoyed themselves too :0)
See you back here in another 4 years!

Happy Summer HA-lympics everyone!
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