Sunday, May 13, 2012

SD Food Bloggers Bake Sale: A Success!

In last week and a half I have done quite a bit. I have traveled to another country, traveled home, I have started a new job, dance in a classic 80s prom dress and I have helped put a dent in childhood hunger in the US. Oh yes, I have been busy.

While I would like to share my travels and more information about my new job and dresses, this post is about a very important bake sale.

Last weekend I once again participated in the Share Our Strength Bake Sale. And as you guessed it, just like last year, this year's bake sale was another rousing success!

With our current total at $3034, I'd say we San Diego Food Bloggers really stepped it up this year. But what can I say about the San Diego Food Bloggers... we are pretty awesome.

Of course a bake sale is nothing without great treats. And you better believe that the food was also stepped up this year. Because we were/are all either food bloggers or professional caterers, we don't bring your run of the mill baked goods. Not even the rice krispie treats (shown above on the left hand side) from Kitchen Konfidence were boring. Actually they were INSANELY good! I may have eaten 5... maybe.

Here are some pictures of the yummy food I tried. Feel free to be jealous.
Hello Salted Chocolate Bacon Brownie. I miss you so much. Three Dog Kitchen, can I come over for more?

Boozy Bourbon Cakes from A Fine Kettle of Ish. My home girl knows how to make some yummy treats with alcohol. Its a gift.

And there's my buddy Kristen. Her lemon curd, lemon frosting, lemon everything cupcakes were SO GOOD! She really stepped it up. I would guess that she pulled in the most money for one single baker. She sold over 60 cupcakes. That's impressive!

What's also impressive is that up until the bake sale day I had never met Kristen. This is the beauty of the internet and blogging. I've said it so many times but meeting new people and making friends through my blog is one of the most rewarding parts of it.

It's just so nice to meet people who get you and your passions and who share the same feelings about food as you do. Betsy from BetsyLife was great to talk to about being creative.  Liz from Yum and First Bite was also a pleasure to meet. I was excited to finally meet Kelly from Seaside Sweets, another Instagram buddy like Kristen. And while we met once before, it was nice catching up and learning a little bit more about Kimmie from Full Circle Foodie.

Food is truly a social thing and I'm so excited to be a part of such a great group of people.
 Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on the bake sale!
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