Monday, April 16, 2012

SD Food Blogger Bake Sale '12

It's that time of year again!
The Share Our Strength Bake Sale upon us, I’m excited to say I will be trying something different and maybe a little more out of the box than last year. 

Don’t get me wrong, last year’s Coconut Cupcakes with Toasted Coconut frosting were pretty darn good, so I was told. But this year I think I’m getting a little wild. 

I think I’m going savory!

I don’t want to give too much away but if you are a fan of Super Bowl parties, come by and see me ;0)

That is if you can steal yourself away from all the rest of the amazing goodies you see! Last year there was so much to choose from. 

My favorite and I think a fan favorite as well was the cake pops. Mini balls of cake and frosting on a stick and shaped like ladybugs. Who wouldn’t want to try that?! The popcorn and s’mores kits were also a huge hit. Oh and the cheese straws!

 Really everything looked so good!

Of course, we have another amazing line up of San Diego bakers this year:

WOW! That's a lot of talent!

Once again, the bake sale is country wide event organized by Gaby of Whats Gaby Cooking?  So if you aren't from San Diego, check the list for a bake sale near you!
Come support a great cause, hang out with genuinely awesome people, and eat some delicious treats! It’s a really a win/win for everybody.

Pacific Plaza

1788 Garnet Avenue

San Diego, CA 92109

See you there!

  P.S. A special thanks of course to Marie from Meandering Eats who gets everything organized. Without her, San Diego would be bake sale-less!


  1. I was at the bake sale today and LOVED your muffins. They were the first thing that caught my eye. Will you be posting a recipe? I'd love to attempt them at home!

  2. Hi,

    It was great meeting you. Your muffins were great.


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