Monday, March 5, 2012

27 Goals for 27

26, while I enjoyed many moments, overall, you weren't always so kind.
Thank goodness you're here 27! I have lots of plans for you...Are you ready for me?


  • Run three 5Ks
  • Get caught up on my taxes *blush*
  • Finish the photo-a-day project
  • Go to beach more often
  • Create a time capsule
  • Hit my target weight and stay there
  • Find a job that offers me health insurance
  • Make improvements on my blog
  • Attend 2 blog conferences/events
  • Sew a dress
  • Take a trip to a place I've never been
  • Visit my family back east
  • Eat. More. Veggies!
  • Make a quilt
  • Blog more than once a month *double blush*
  • Build something out of wood
  • Make more time for "old" friends
  • Volunteer for a worthy cause
  • Create a photo display for my house
  • Paint something
  • Read 12 good books
  • Call my brother and sister more often
  • Plant a garden
  • Improve my Spanish
  • Bake a loaf of sourdough bread
  • Camp on the beach
  • Be Happier.

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

     - Dr. Seuss 

    Happy Birthday ME!


  1. such awesome goals!!! GOOD LUCK! ;D

  2. Woo Hoo!!! I love this idea and may have to steal it for myself personally so I can set my own personal goals for this next year!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I was checking out all the fun sweets in SD on Kevin and Amanda's site but then I had to click over because I was so intrigued by your blog's name. I love muffins! I make them like twice a week and seriously have to stop myself from making them more often. Can't wait to put my well loved muffin pan to use with some of your recipes! Then I saw we are neighbors, so I had to say hi. 1st recipe up- Egg's Benedict Cup (so sad Gio's is closed now). I let you know how it goes.

    1. Howdie Neighbor! hehe Thanks for coming by and commenting. And the birthday wish! It makes my day! You know, I would love to do more muffins if you have a favorite recipe you wanna share with me. I'd love to try it.

      Hope the Egg Benedict Cups turn out well. Still so sad about Gios :0(

    2. I am sending you my favorite banana muffin recipe. I just made a double batch this week. So good!

  4. Hey Amy! This is such a wonderful post :) and such wonderful goals!
    even though i think you should swap 'go to the beach more often' with 'come freeze my tail off in Canada' hahaha :D

  5. Great list, Amy! And I already know you are doing awesome at your Photo a Day goal! :)


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