Sunday, March 4, 2012

26 Favorite Moments

(There were some serious fun moments this past year. I should do a list like this more often. Helps me realize just how fun my life really is!)


Spending Memorial Day weekend with friends in Lake Havasu. Oh Lake Havasu. What an amazing time.

Attending my first Blog conference, BlogHer, and meeting so many great people, including Penny de los Santos and Hailey. 

Getting to see my cousins from back east in sunny San Diego.

Receiving my first pair of diamonds for our second anniversary.

Spending time with my family and best friend in San Diego and enjoying a day at Disneyland with them.

Visit from my good friend Jess and spending the day at the Zoo.

Watching the lights on the Vegas strip go out for Earth Day (Plus celebrating my friend Lisa's birthday!)

Participating in the Share Our Strength bake sale and meeting the SD Food Bloggers.

Spending time with both my friends and my students at the SD County Fair.

Getting perfect "seats" for the Sara Barailles/Sugarland concert and having Kristian Bush wave at me!

Lake Tahoe, as always, but especially the hilarious moment this year when both my "cousin" Laurel and I walked into the room with the same dress on... purely by accident.

Cooking Class at Cafe Merlot with Robert.

Dressing up like dorks and Trick-or-Treating at Disneyland. (Have to go next year!)

Watching the 49ers go the play offs. I love SF sports.

Our crazy, yet fabulous, kitchen make-over with new oven and dishwasher.

Completing the first 2 cycles of the 17 day diet and losing my targeted lbs.

An amazing Valentine's day surprise at the Rancho Bernado Inn.

Watching my students kick-butt at the Braille Challenge.

Apple picking with my students in Julian.

Getting my first, very own, DSLR camera to improve my blogging and photo taking skills.

Hanging with my buddy Caitlin at the Academy of Sciences NightLife

Weekend getaway with my friends in Rosarito, Mexico and seeing La Bufadora.

Family Reunion on the east coast and watching the last Harry Potter with my family. Bitter sweet.

Attending/Hosting my first blogger roundtable .

Completing the wings for my Halloween costume which was the biggest sewing project I've undertaken so far!

A simple night out with my sister, brother, and best friend at the local bar. Simple, but so high on the list of favorites nights.

1 more day!


  1. Oh Amy, you are my role model. Not wanting to be left in the dust, I've started a blog for work. It takes a lot of effort and requires much more of your personal persprctive. I love your lists and pictures and all that you post (especially when you mention your family!) Happy Birthday, sweetie!

  2. It's been a good year, Amy! Can't wait til we get to hang out in person. :)


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