Monday, January 23, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

New years are almost always about change. Resolutions to do better, feel better, be better. It's not like we can't make these choices, say, in April but it just seems more fitting to do it at the beginning of the year.

So in the spirit of change, resolutions, and renewal I'd like to share our kitchen remodel.

Who doesn't love a kitchen before and after??

I know I do!

Especially when it's MY kitchen getting the overhaul! Wahoo!!

And boy, was it a perfect candidate for a before and after. To say it was a little cramped is an understatement.

I badgered asked my boyfriend to do a remodel this year for Christmas. No gifts. Just new kitchen. He was excited and we got started right before Christmas.

The first thing to go was the roll-around dishwasher. (Yes I said roll around. A royal pain.)
Second thing was the stove top. Lucky for us that was two birds with one stone.
Wouldn't you know it, some saintly person was selling their range AND dishwasher together for a SCREAMIN' deal. So when those were purchased we got rollin'! (hehe)

Day 1 of the remodel, Rob's parents came over and helped with the whole process. First we removed the upper cabinetry. This instantly made the kitchen look bigger. But we didn't stop there! The so called "island" was the next to go. It cut the kitchen in half. The only purpose it served was a few shelves and the stove top. And a place to collect unholy amounts of clutter. Seriously, seriously messy counter.

Robert's dad was happy to help destroy it and we were happy to let him do so. No salvaging anything, not even the stove top. It was gone. For good. HOORAY!

Next Rob's mom and I went shopping. I was too excited and wanted a really good reveal. So we left the men to hammer it out, literally.

When we returned a couple hours later, this is what we saw:
 I was so excited to see the cabinet and island completely gone! He had installed the new dishwasher and its housing (where the mixer is) and it's hard to see but in the back by Robert the new stove was also installed. O.M.G!

Together we all helped clean the newly spacious kitchen. Found new places for things and did our best to sweep up all the dust. By the end of the weekend we had done it. An almost total kitchen remodel!

Okay, so here's one last look at the Before:

 Phew, makes me tired just looking at it.

And now, are you ready?

I'm in love!
It's open and more than one person can fit at a time! hehe A real Christmas miracle!
Side by side you can really see the difference!

Of course painting and overall organization is still to come. But for now, I'm to be cooking in this big space!

Well, I hope this is inspiring. I know it is for me.
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. Wow! It looks awesome! Next step: begone primary colors! ;)

  2. Amy that looks amazing!! you guys did such a fantastic job!
    yaaay for a new kitchen!


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