Friday, September 2, 2011

Amazing BlogHer Weekend: Final

On the last day Hailey was in town I decided to top off our BlogHer experience with a very important educational outing... the Beach! Where better to teach her about San Diego than the beach! OB (Ocean Beach) to be precise.
(Does this picture look familar? It's my signature beach/pool pose. I have issues, I know.)

We only two goals this educational beach day: Sun and Fish Tacos. If a drink was thrown in the mix, neither of us would toss it back.

After soaking up about all the sun we could handle, we headed across the street to fish tacos. Even though Hailey had some really good fish tacos in Mexico, I was confident these would be just as good. I mean San Diego has some amazing features, but their fish tacos, in my opinion are on the best parts. AND I HATE FISH! So that's saying something.

Those look good huh? Classic beer battered Baja fish taco and a fancy schmancy swordfish with terriyaki and pineapple glaze. I will say, I'm a bigger fan of the classic. Something about the fried helps me forget its actually fish. Needless to say, we both liked the tacos... a lot!

After tacos, we walked next store and used what little room we had left in our dessert stomach (yes there is such a thing) and had some yummy ice cream.

Was such a great way to top of a perfect weekend!
A big THANKS to Hailey who was a wonderful guest, who after this long day/weekend was fine to just sit on the couch, watch TV and drink margaritas hehe the perfect house guest!

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