Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amazing BlogHer Weekend: Part 2

With all the obvious "hardwork" Hailey and I did on Day 1, we deserved a very luxurious Day 2 of BlogHer hehe.

After a relaxing car ride, which meant not taking the bus at 6:30am, we headed right into the Expo Hall. And who did we spot as we walked in?

The Jimmy Dean Sun! Hehe Hailey and I heard he was there the day before but had failed to spot him. We were very excited to have our picture take with this "Super Star." Get it, Super Star? lol I couldnt resist. 

Next on our list of very important matters was cheering our friend Amanda on from What Were Eating and Food Porn Daily in the Knorr Cook-Off.

She made Mahi Mahi with Chorizo, Poblano and Caramelized Onion Sourdough Stuffing and a Roasted Garlic Sauce. MMMMmmm! It looked SO GOOD! Of course she won...cause she's awesome!

 After the big win, Hailey and I continued around, "shopping" through the Expo Hall until we truly felt we could take no more.

In the end, this is what we came home with. Three bags filled with tupperware, clothes, food, coupons, face cream and god knows what else. Thank goodness for driving or we would have suffered, big time.

Our way from the car to the next session, look who we had the pleasure of running into! Ms. Amanda from KevinandAmanda and Ms. Jenny from Picky-Palate. If you don't know already, I think these ladies are awesome. As demonstrated here and here!

After saying our hellos and goodbyes, Hailey and I headed over to what will be considered the most important and informative session we will attend at all of BlogHer... and it wasn't even a BlogHer sponsored session!

Hillshire Farms (Go Meat!) was holding a very informative and small session on...drum roll please... Food Styling!

This was exactly what we had been hoping for. The info from this session will stick with me for a long time. We learned how to make the best of what you already have i.e. low lighting, no props, repetitive food, etc.

We learned to think outside the box. Use materials you have at your disposal to create beautiful and interesting looking "tables" and backdrops. Move the food outside, move it to the garage, the front door, wherever you think the light is the best. Don't be afraid to use your own style. I really liked that. With food that seems to be a repetative shape like mine, its important to keep the staging in the photo visually diverse so as not to bore my readers.

We also learned that not everyone can pull of Pioneer Woman's style, nor should we try. Sometimes too much is really too much. I really really liked that. I think that with a little practice (and a better camera *hint hint*) I can start taking some really awesome photos!

And so after our wonderful session, with all the learning and knowledge, we treated ourselves to a relaxing afternoon/evening.

It went something like this:



Really, just a tough day indeed!

But it doesn't stop there! Stay tuned for the 3rd and final day of our fabulous BlogHer experience, including what I've learned about blogging so far. :0)

P.S. I couldn't leave without sharing my favorite picture of the night. This is from CheeseburgHer, where Hailey and I only stayed a moment to dance the Cupid Shuffle cause the smell of burgers and fries was really too much. But I couldn't get enough of this scene I saw unfold.
I imagined it went something like this:
 Girl 1: Let me just get that for you *wiggles bag hat* Aw perfect. Now you look cute!  
Girl 2: Thanks! Wasn't sure what to wear with this beautiful sparkly skirt!
Okay now I'm done :0)

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