Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazing BlogHer Weekend: Part 1

This was seriously an amazing/fun/inspiring weekend.

It all started Thursday night when I went to pick up Ms. Hailey of Naked Cupcakes from the airport. After 3 flights, one delay, she finally made it to San Diego.

Hailey was such a great house guest. Besides being extremely nice, she and I seemed to speak the same language. Hard to explain but just very easy to get along with. A rare thing I think.

We started the conference bright and early Friday morning. Because we were there so early we had the run of the place before the crowds came. It was nice to actually wrap our head around the venue before everything started. And take a quick look at our first load of swag.

Cool shades huh?

After a yummy breakfast we decided to go down and check out the Expo floor. It's all a bit of a blur but within 10 seconds of being in the Expo Hall I was wearing an apron and was on a stage looking out at a small crowd... huh? Turns out I was in for a really rare and special treat.
Chef Marco Pierre White was doing a demo on how to properly cook risotto. If you aren't familiar with Chef Marco I'll just give you a little blurb: He mentored Gordan Ramsey! And now he's teaching me! SO awesome and unexpected. Here he is explaining... well something about risotto. Like I said, its a bit of a celebrity blur. Thanks to my own personal paparazzi, Hailey, I get to relieve this fun experience a little better the second time around hehe.

Fellow SD Bloggers Lisa, Kathy and I learning from the best

Immediately following this cooking lesson Hailey and I booked it up stairs to our next session. Penny de los Santos, photographer extraordinaire, was teaching a session on how to “make” (not take) photos. Just a simple change of words and photography becomes a real emotional experience for her and everyone she shares her photos with. We could have done this session, and maybe just the parties, and have been  happy with the whole conference.

Penny, Hailey and I

She shook my hand, took my card, and even, later on when we ran into her for the 342nd time she said “this girl is cracking me up. You're hilarious!”

It pretty much made my life.

After this, I'll admit, we didn't go to many "Blogging 101" sessions. But what we did was perfect for us. Like the next session.

There's a little song called "Single Ladies" by this artist named Beyonce. Not sure if you've heard of her or seen this music video but next time you see me ask me for a re-enactment cause I now "know" (and I use "know" very losely) the Single Ladies dance!

Following the dance lesson, Hailey and I took our very heavy, over sized bags of swag to change for the Dove at First Sight Cruise. Man was this awesome! We ate, we drank, we watched our own "private" fireworks and best of all we met some lovely people.

When the cruise was over, we ran over to Sparklecorn. Sparkly + Unicorn = Sparklecorn! We danced our booties off on stage and off. 

Oh man did we have a blast!! And of course we were ready to start it all over again the next day! So stay tuned for Hillshire Farms photography, pool time, and more from the second day of BlogHer in the next post!

P.S. Also check out Hailey's awesome post about BlogHer '11!


  1. OH MY GOSH girls this is SO fun. I really wish I could have been there -- next year let's all go together!! :) So happy for you two and what fun!

  2. Fabulous! Green with envy that you were able to meet and work with Pierre Marco White whom I've admired for years! Lovely write up of BlogHer as well -- I'm grinning over your tenaciousness :)

  3. Awesome recap!! And the pics totally make me smile. I had a blast, thanks again for Everything!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time at BlogHer. I have just recently found your blog and love it! I have just awarded you The Versatile Blogger award, I hope you would stop by my blog to accept!


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