Monday, June 6, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Braid

"I might have a reckless streak, At least a country-mile wide
If you're gonna run with me, It's gonna be a wild ride."
                                                   - Real Good Man by Tim McGraw

Summer is here and I'm letting lose!

I made a braid!
No muffin pan. Just pure reckless abandon. And boy does it feel (and taste) good!

The madness started yesterday. I went to a Tim McGraw concert. *swoon* A big group of us had decided to get there really early so that we could tailgate and get a good spot for the concert. I was super excited because this was my first official tailgating. I know, what planet am I from! It just never happened before, concert or sporting event. So needless to say I was really looking forward to this.

I thought about all kinds of recipes I wanted to try and then what would travel well.
I had seen these "braids" before and thought they would make a perfect snack before the hot dogs.

So I went for it. With gusto.
And boy was it easy!

Buffalo Chicken Braid
1. Unroll Pizza Dough and measure 3'' in on either side 2. Add about a cup of cheese: mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, swiss & gruyere for me 3. Add blue cheese dressing 4. Chopped red onions

5. Mix 1 10oz can of chicken meat (just accept's a time saver!) with about 1/4 a cup of Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce. 6. Spread it out on top of the cheese 7. Add more sauce if you love it!

8. Cut 1 inch thick strips on either side 9. Start braiding 10. Pick up one strip and fold it over, pressing it against the opposite strip, close to the filling 11. Don't take pictures of it half way through or you'll miss a step and end up with a funky looking bottom half of your braid (hehe oh well)

 11. Sprinkle a little grated parm on top and place in an 425f oven for 11-15 mins 12. If you're sharing it, let it cool a bit and then slice it into pieces. I swear the filling stays inside, I just don't have a picture to show you. But keep it whole until the last second. The braid effect really impresses people!

And there you have it! It was so yummy, everyone was talking about it *blush*. No muffin pan but something else that can be made with little to no effort. And if you're lucky, you can use all ingredients you already have in your fridge. Wouldn't that be handy!?

Now, for those of you who maybe don't like buffalo wing sauce (shame on you) here are some other filling suggestions Ive been thinking of trying:

- Broccoli Cheddar Ranch
-BBQ Chicken
- Hawaiian Pineapple and Ham
- Sausage Apple Cheddar

Get creative and then send me lovely photos so I can admire them!

P.S. Tim McGraw is sexy. The End.

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  1. Amy you crack me up! I love that you haven't been tailgating {I don't think I ever have, either!} and I almost died when you told me to "get over" the canned chicken - you spoke right to my heart, girl.


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