Wednesday, April 6, 2011

St. Stupid's Day: A Foolish Lesson

(*Disclaimer: I'm Catholic and I can laugh at this. If you find this topic offensive, please don't read further. I'd rather not have any mean comments. Also, I show some naked old man butts. Be advised.)

Every April Fools Day for the past 33 years, hundreds of San Franciscans have participated in an event that is truly... STUPID!

The St. Stupid's Day Parade!

For those of you, aka most of you all, who have never heard of this, don't worry. Judging by their faces most people in San Francisco have never heard of it either hehe.

But I'm going to let you in on the secret of St. Stupid.

St. Stupid is the patron saint of The First Church of the Last Laugh. 

Bishop Joey, the churches founder, started the St. Stupid's Day Parade tradition in the '70s in San Francisco. 

Bishop Joey teamed up with thee Wavy Gravy to create an event that allows you to let your freak flag fly!

So every year, San Franciscans gather...

...dressed in their most foolish outfits...

...or slightly inappropriate outfits...

...or no outfit at all...

courtesy of Michael Bolger
to make all the working people downtown turn to each other and say...


My mom and I have done this the last two years, with other folks joining in and we absolutely love it! As I've mentioned before, we are HUGE Halloween people so we always love the excuse to dress up crazy and scare people!
This year was my mom, her friend, my boyfriend, and I.
If you couldn't tell, I'm dressed as the Dutchess of Dork.

Here we are in front of the famous Doggie Diner Dogs, official First Church of the Last Laugh icons.

You can't get me around a kilt... I have no control over my actions. 

And this is in front of the stock exchange building swinging my sock around for the "sock exchange." It really is a fantastic time. I can't wait until next year to do it again!

If you live in San Francisco, stop by next year! And if you wanna look for me just tell people...

I'm with stupid!




  1. hahaha that is amazing! that looks like so much fun :) what a great way to celebrate april fools!

  2. Bwahahahaha!!! That's awesome! I guess leaving San Francisco on March 13th was half a month too early last year! Sad. I won't make that mistake again! Next time we visit, it will include April 1st for sure! Thanks for sharing!


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