Sunday, March 13, 2011

Braille Institute and The Cultural Kitchen

 6 weeks ago the students embarked on a project organized by Hosteling International, San Diego.
Hosteling International is an organization to help promote cross cultural appreciation. 70 years old, this organization runs two hostel in San Diego, housing about 15,000 travelers a year. Their motto explains their purpose perfectly:
"To help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and it's people through hosteling."

The students are to choose a country, study it, evaluate what they've learned, present what they've learn, and finally cook a meal from that country!

We choose Greece. Well, more like the Youth Assistants choose Greece.

After 3 weeks of learning about Greece, discussing it, studying the food and creating a menu, we arrived on the big day, COOKING DAY!

Here is where all the action begins... 

Next, hard at work, we have...
 Here we have Katie, Youth Coordinator Braille Institute and Austin, Bagpipe Player Extraordinary. 

This is Matt, Cultural Kitchen Coordinator at Hosteling International and Leo, the Smooth Talker. 

Then there's Abakar, Ryan, and Mark, aka The Hair.

Beautiful Michele, Drakes #1 Fan.

Ian, Our Resistent Kempo Master

Ian, Tap Dance King

Here are Brooke and LaBroi, and Kelvin in the back, Youth Assistants.

Michelle, Youth Assistant and DJ Jose.

 Juan, AJ, and Ivan


 Me, Youth Assistant and Zion, Best Listener.

Sydney, Official Taste Tester

And last, but definitely not least, Jerry the Guide Dog. No kitchen is complete without one!

 To start, we had pita, hummus, and a Greek salad.

 Turned out nicely.

Juan, AJ, and Ivan making the first layer of Moussaka.

Here is the cream sauce to go on top of moussaka. Oh hey there's Juliet, Chili's #1 Employee!

Zion and Matt putting the final finishing touches on the sauce...

...Before it gets poured ALLLL over! 

And now my team.
Team Honey Cake. 
Of course I asked to do the dessert.
Doesn't that look yummy?

We had a few parents come, which was great!
And finally, to end a great night...
Another successful Braille event!!
Stay tuned for the recipes!

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