Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Amanda in San Diego

It's taken me a long time to post this, not sure why really, but it's finally here. 
*Note: All of the photos were taken by Amanda, as you can probably tell. She takes the most amazing photos! Except for the dodgy ones, like the one above and below. Those are courtesy of yours truly, Camera Noob! If you wanna take a look at Amanda's post about the day, and see her great photos for yourself here it is!
Remember when I met Amanda and Jenny at Disneyland? Well a couple weeks ago Amanda was back in SoCal and I had the pleasure of showing her around the fair city of San Diego. Though it was more like her showing me around! This girl had everything down. She knew exactly where to go. I love that! 

We started the day with breakfast at The Cottage. It is the most adorable little breakfast spot in La Jolla. We both had the benedict.
She had the California Benedict with Avocado and Turkey... very California. 

And I had the polenta benedict with bacon, tomato, arugula and a roasted tomato hollandaise... very me! Bring on the crispy bacon! Both were INCREDIBLE! And fun to look at too! I certainly will be back very soon.

After breakfast we headed over to Seaport Village. I spent the entire day in awe of the places in SD I have yet to explore, like Seaport Village.  We spent some time walking around, making sure we hit every store. She methodical like that. Dig it! 

She snapped this gorgeous photo of the water. You can't make this stuff up. It was actually that beautiful that day. I mean those pinks and purples! Get outta here!

By this time we decided we were hungry once again. Of course. So we drove on down to Old Town San Diego. Amanda was very excited to try Old Town Mexican Cafe. She mentioned fresh made tortillas and I was sold.

Again we both had the same thing, with a slight variation. Two quesadillas, adovada for Amanda and chicken for me.

Then of course we couldn't leave without trying the tortillas plain. With butter. YUM-O!

Everything about this tortillas making looked so good and authentic. Another place I was definitely be back soon.

After that, if we weren't already stuffed enough, we decided to get cupcakes. Babycakes Cupcakes to be exact. For all of you who know Amanda, you can't get away without one cupcake stop (or maybe 2 or 3)! The guy at the register, having encountered Amanda the day before, assumed she was a regular and starting asking her all sorts of questions. It was very funny.

Amanda had the funfetti cupcake with buttercream.

 And I had the signature marble cupcake with cream cheese frosting. 
(The lighting on this picture is awesome... guess who snapped it? I need lessons!)

There it is! The Babycake. It was a little gigantic for my taste but still delicious.

By this point, with so much fun in our system you'd think we'd be tired. BUT NO! Off we went on yet another adventure.

Next stop, Coronado Island. Home of the famous Hotel del Coronado.

Get a load of this place. The colors. I can't even describe how beautiful they were. This picture does a great job of showing you though. 

The sunset was so amazing!
I challenge you to find a better in the U.S.

AMANDA! These photos! SO GORGEOUS! I might officially steal this for wall art!

And then there's me in front of the sunset. I tried and tried to get a good one of Amanda but alas... no skills.

The entire day was amazing. Amanda is such a nice person (you are!) and so fun to be around. I'll have to work on my camera skills for the next trip. But anytime you wanna come back Amanda, I'm ready for ya!


  1. Those are some gorgeous photos! High quality. Looks like a really fun girl day, sightseeing, eating and chatting, lucky you!
    PS, did you like the baked kale chips?

  2. Oh my gosh girl, I am in absolute LOVE with that sunset collage! You are so talented! Thank you so much for showing me around San Diego, loved every minute of our day! See you soon! :)


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