Friday, January 14, 2011

Root Beer Part 1: The Tasting

You've probably heard of wine tasting and maybe even beer tastings, but have you ever heard of root beer tasting? 
Up until a couple weeks ago, neither had I.

It all started on Christmas. 
My mom had an interesting array of gifts this year. Among those were a box of crackers and a case of root beer. Definitely not your typical Christmas gifts. 
But we are not your typical family.
After enjoying a long day and evening of fun holiday activities we decided to take advantage of root beer gift and start the tasting!

First there were the score cards, modeled here by my lovely sister, created by my mom.
There were 5 categories (which I can't remember now hehe) and each category was rated on a scale of 0-4 pts for a total of 20 pts possible.

We also had tasting cups, modeled by my handsome brother.

And of course, we had the contestants.
Abita, Olde Rhode Island Molasses, Root Beer 101, Route Beer 66, SeaDog, Dad's, Dr. Brown's, and Rat Bastard.
And so it began. 
We examined the color...

...we sipped each taster...
and we scored our cards.

After some cleaning up and counting,
we announced the scores.

First, the lowest score:
Rat Bastard
This root beer came in dead last. Nobody liked it. Full of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Sorry Rat Bastard. No good.

And now the WINNERS!
These were the top 3: Abita, Olde Rhode Island Molasses, and Root Beer 101. 
The scores were all very close. When I tallied the scores, everyone made guesses on the winners. The crowd favorite seemed to be the Old Rhode Island Molasses. It was my favorite. Super natural tasting, just what you think of when you think good root beer flavor. But when the scores were counted, Abita was the winner. My boyfriend pointed out that all three of the high scorers used natural sugar, while the ones that had low scores were unnatural and full of crumby materials.
Congrats, Abita!
Abita, I wonder if there is something super special and muffin pan related in your future?? Stayed tuned to find out!


  1. Just stopping over from Kevin&Amanda. What a fun blog you've got here. I'm excited to read more!

  2. How fun that is!! Looks like your family has a lot of fun!!

    I was referred to your blog by Amanda at Kevin&Amanda. So happy to find your blog! I am a cupcake freak as well!! Can't wait to try these recipes!


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