Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello my name is Amy and I'm a swapaholic.

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I don't know how it all got started but I'm pretty much obsessed with apron swaps!

That could quite possibly be dorkiest thing you've ever heard but IT'S TRUE! Whats funny about the whole apron swapping thing is that I don't have an inherent love for aprons. I honestly think you just need one. You wear it til it gets embarrassingly dirty, you continue to wear it just a bit longer, and then you finally wash it and the process starts all over again.

However, what I found is that all the fun is had participating in the swaps, not really the getting of the aprons! Watching swapper's packages come together, commenting on the beautiful ones or crossing my fingers that I don't get this one I saw because it really isn't my style. (BTW, swap sister, just in case you're reading this, I'm not really into the whole "sexy apron thing." An apron that looks like a nightie is just craziness to me!)

So this time around I'm doing two swaps, which will bring my apron count up to FIVE! I'm gonna have to start giving some of these aprons away as gifts! I don't know what I'll do with so many!

And I'm gonna have to join a group.

Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm a swapaholic.

So here they are the badges for my two swaps. I promise to return muffin related business shortly, as soon as this apron fever passes!

 Be My Cutie Pie Vintage Valentine/Baking Apron Swap and Chicken Lovin' Apron Swap.

I'll be posting about the progress of my aprons and stay tuned!


  1. Hey! Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you enjoy it. I will definitely be stopping by yours more often as well :)

  2. My name is Amy and I'm a swapaholic, too! I'm sorry to dissappoint, but I ONLY make sexy, lingerie style aprons and you are my swap buddy this time. Just kidding, I don't and you aren't ....or are you???

  3. Amy, I hope you never change who or what you are! I think you are the greatest! A swapaholic or not! I surely am a swapaholic. Tried and true!!!

  4. Sew Amy, did you check your emails from Val Powery yet!!! We are swap partners!!! Yeah Rah!!!

    Val told me to let you know my address, so I will email it to you later!! It seems like I wished it to happen, and I wished, and wished, and there you have it. Wishes do come true!! I have your apron COMPLETED!! Do you believe that!! Now I have a whole month almost, to work on tuck ins!!!! Oh yes, and a surprise gift for commenting on my blog!!


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