Friday, December 17, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

GAWH! I'm tired of being so blue! I let the fact that I was bummed out overshadow the fact that just a couple days ago I was a BIG WINNER! They says every cloud has a silver lining. Well in this case, my cloud has THREE!

Silver Lining #1:
Last week I got an email from the one and only Jenny from Picky-Palate saying I won her giveaway! In that giveaway I am to receive:

A set of 2 Members Mark (Sam's CLub Brand) LED Candle and Stocking Holders

A set of 4 Mikasa wine glasses

A Racahel Ray 3 piece Stowaway Potlucker

A kitchen Aid Roaster with a Removable Rack

AND A gift of membership to Sam's Club ($40 value)

I am pretty excited. My boyfriend and I already have a membership but no worries! A new friend I "met" through picky-palate, who happens to be my good friends cousin (SMALL WORLD), is the lucky recipient of that membership!
Silver Lining #2:
The very next day, as I was playing around on my fabulous flirty apron swap website I saw a new post for the Apron Giveaway Winner.


Meeee!! Yipeeee!!

Isn't it adorable!? I am so excited to get this apron, along with the long awaited apron from my partner *wags finger* naughty naughty Crystal! hehe I'm kidding. But it is a nice coincidence!

Silver Lining #3:
Can you even stand it!? There's more! After all of this excitement, my boyfriend, seeing I still needed a bit more of pick me up (yeah yeah I know, what a whiner!) he insisted I open my christmas gift early. I think he was more excited to open it than I was. He kept giving me hints to throw me off the track "You're gonna have to plug it in and charge it up!" A NEW COMPUTER?? "It's small." JEWELRY?? "It's made out of wood."*tilts head*... a baseball bat??

Well it was not a new computer, or jewelry, or a baseball bat, thank god. Hehe it was, drum roll please:


And not just any sewing machine, a Singer 2010 professional w/ computer screen! Oh. My. QWAGFDKHDG! hehe And look at all the fun things it comes with:
Good things really do come in 3s! Here are some fun pictures of us playing with my snazzy new machine. There are mostly pictures of my boyfriend playing around with it. I squeezed in a couple minutes on it too! hehe I told you he was excited about it!

I really am a lucky girl. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I have lots of people in my life that love me and want to make me happy. My boyfriend is a great example.

And now I am sending you all my good luck vibes cause its about time I share them! I am hoping each and every one of you get all that you hope for this holiday season. And that you stop and appreciate what you already have! 


  1. I think you are going to love this sewing machine! Try out all the stitches and have fun with it. Mine runs like crazy and so far no problems except when I neglect to change the dull needle. I've had it just over a year now. I'm biased toward older mechanical machines, but this one works like a dream.

    Congrats on winning the contests!
    Donna, Quilt in Progress

  2. Congratulations! Have fun with your new toys....

  3. Wow - you ARE one lucky girl!! Congrats. Hope you have lotsa new aprons planned ...

  4. Naughty, naughty Crystal is so happy you won the adorable apron! You should be receiving your package today - hopefully it will add a little more silver lining. ;)

  5. Wow.....How fun for you! I'm so glad you got your machine and so much more!!!! have fun with it!!!

  6. We need a picture of you sewing an apron while wearing your new apron on your new machine :) Congrats on the new machine.


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