Thursday, December 2, 2010

Opps Christmas Advent Calendar

So I had intended to do something similar to my Halloween Advent Calendar Challenge for the month of December. It is, after all, the original reason we have advent calendars. But with my hectic life and starting a new job, I some how forgot. Like I promised in my About Me, perfection is not required, nor expected.
But that doesn't mean I can't start with my best foot forward now! Consider yesterdays post Day 1... I know I will haha.

So here we go.

Christmas Challenge!

Who: Me, of course!
What: A 24 day *ahem* project where I share one post each day that has something to with Christmas, Muffin Pans, or both. Mostly both!
Where: Here, silly!
Why: Because we like you! M.O.U.S.E!

hehe just kidding

Why: Because I had so much fun with the first one. It kept me motivated to post everyday and it gave me purpose and a theme. I love themes. Okay here we go!

Christmas ChallengeDay 2

Day 2 is then gonna feature some great ideas for Christmas Advent Calendars.. because if you are like me... you haven't made one yet. Cheers to the procrastinator!

Advent Calendars from fellow bloggers
*Click on my oh so clever comments below each to see where the calendar came from!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Now if you aren't a muffin pan enthusiast like me (shame  on you) you might want to check out Tip Junkie Advent Calendars for some more ideas!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Mom Endeavors and featuring my calendar!
    What a fun site you have! I've just recently discovered all the different uses for a muffin pan and I'm loving it. Made mini pies for Thanksgiving--so good! :)


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