Saturday, December 4, 2010

For the love of food and family

Christmas Challenge - Day 4
When I think of the holidays, I think of family and eating. 
Don't you? 

It seems like Halloween and Thanksgiving flow right into Christmas, which is a hop, skip and a jump away from New Years. You eat a TON for Thanksgiving. And if you're my family you eat Thanksgiving dinner twice. After succumbing to stuffing and turkey and pumpkin pie, why bother slowing down, right? Your post-summer figure is already shot by then, might as well keep going. 

I will be honest with you all, from summer until now I have lost my post-costa-rica-being-starved-by-evil-host-family figure.
But you know what? 


When I was living in Costa Rica at the beginning of this year I lost a significant amount of weight. I was living with a family that was less than loving. No one had any real interest in me and they spent no family time together, let alone with me. For them food was never an important part of their day. There was only rice, all day and all night, steamed white rice. Beans, once or twice a week and maybe meat once every two weeks. And veggies?? Forget about it! Although, every once and a while I would beg my host mom for veggies, something I would never do at home mind you. If she made it to the market, remembered the big white American living in her house she would buy me a bag of mixed veggies. She would come home, steam them in lard, of course, and yell "CONEJA, COMIDA!" In English that means "BUNNY RABBIT, FOOD! That was my life with food in that house.  

Then some fabulous things happened. I moved out. I got a new family. Well not really a new family. This was the same family I had during my orientation the first month I was there. This family LOVED me, paid attention to me, and fed me, just like a real family would, just like MY real family would. I love that family. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I knew when things got really bad I could call them and they'd take me back in a heartbeat. And they did. They made my first and last month in Costa Rica worth the entire stay.
And from that point on I got chubbier and chubbier. Can you blame me? This was my favorite meal. She would make this for me every night if I asked. And most nights I would. It makes me hungry and a little sad looking at the photo now. Needless to say I was no longer scary wafer thin. Not that I didn't enjoy it, cause I did. But I realized something important...

Food = Fat = Love <3

I was thin as I have ever been. My bikini fit perfect. I was a hot little thing. 
And I was miserable.

Now I'm chubby. I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini. I'm a hot, slightly larger thing. 
And I am HAPPY!




    Meatloaf muffins!

  2. This post fits my life-theory exactly! We have a saying in our family, "You know why the skinny bitches are so mean? It's not because they're snobby, it's because they're hungry!" Have another cupcake girl and enjoy yourself!


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