Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas - JOY

So for this Apron Swap I had to come up with some gifts they call "tuck ins" to add a little flair to the package. This time around the tuck ins have a theme or more like a word association. Using holiday words such as GIFT, HOPE, JOY, SNOW, SNOW, TREE, STAR, SANTA, etc. each participant will get one tuck in for each letter of the word they choose.

How clever is that? Even you aren't doing a swap, it would be a great way to shop for a secret Santa or a close friend. Of course it would be even more fun to make a big show out of it. Add a large letter to each gift so they know what it spells.

Here are some ideas for the word JOY. I choose the shortest word so you could see how easily three small gifts could turn into one big, thoughtful present.


J: Jelly beans, Jade green, Jewelry, cookies in a Jar*

O: Ornaments, Oatmeal, Office Supplies, Off-white, bottle Opener

Y: Yarn, Yummy, Yule

*Okay, so here's a link to a TON of cookie in a jar recipes by Razzle Dazzle Recipes.

Are the not they not the cutest little Jar O' Yummy! hehe See what I did there? Oh man.

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