Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special News Bulletin!

We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you this special news bulletin:

I have officially jumped off the baking deep end! 

Yesterday I came up with the crazy idea that I NEEDED a stand mixer. You know one of those super powerful, super sleek, super EXPENSIVE, countertop mixers?

Well I went looking on eBay and my boyfriend took craigslist to scope out a good deal. Tag team. We hunted, we refined searches, we almost gave up hope. And then...BAM! Craigslist can up with a brand new post that brought me what now sits in my kitchen.

Wanna see it?

Are you sure you can handle the jealousy that will ensue?

Okay, here goes...


Do you hear the sounds of the Hallelujah Choir when you look at this cause I do! It's white, it's shiny, it's fancy, it has a paddle.

Now I'm not the kind of girl who Craigslists and tells...but I can say it was not $400!

I'm in love. Move over boyfriend, there's a new sheriff in town. (Okay that doesn't make sense but thats just how excited I am.)

I'm so excited!

Okay, now back to your regular scheduled programming.

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