Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6 - Halloween Advent Calendar


I finished it! 

The "surprise" birthday advent calendar. If you didn't already hear, I totally ruined the surprise by writing about the gift here.

Lovely, ain't it?

So here's how it happened:

Me: Mom, you should check out the post I added last night, about the pretzels.

Mom: Sure thing, how do I find it?

Me: Go to and look for the last post, with the pictures of the pretzels.

Mom: Okay, let me see (pause) that looks great, Amy. (Pause) That's a great looking halloween advent calendar too.

Me: (Silently banging my head on the desk) A huh.

Mom: (Laughing out loud)

Me: Did you just read the part where it said this was an example of what I'm making as a surprise present for your birthday?

Mom: (More laughing) A huh. That's very sweet, Amy.

Me: Sorry, Mama. I suck at surprises.

Mom: Thats okay. It looks great. I'm very excited.

Hope you enjoy, Mama!
Thats me (Olive Oyl) and my Mama (the clown) Halloween '09.

So if you would like to fake surprise your mom, heres the (rough, very loose) tutorial.

The very rare 30 cup muffin pan
2 in. circle puncher
Various Halloween paper
Number and Halloween stickers
Tissue paper
Hot glue gun
Black wire
Gems (optional)
Candy (optional)

1. Cut out 30 circles and decorate them with number stickers and Halloween-y stickers.

2. Fill all 30 cups with either candy, trinkets, or special notes. I went with notes* and gems cause I knew my mom wouldn't like the candy.

3. Now heres where it got tricky. My pan was funky. The holes were exactly 2'' wide therefore there was nothing left over to the edges of the cup. Not that it mattered cause I was having trouble glueing anything down to the finish of the pans. BUT FEAR NOT! My boyfriend came up with a genius idea at my breaking point, the moment I almost chucked this project out the window: tissue paper! I glued each circle to a square of tissue paper.

4. Attach each circle to the muffin cups in order. I started out with wire, which was also a disaster. And just when my second attempt to throw the pan out the window I decided to try the hot glue once more. And low and behold the tissue paper was thin enough to stick, temporarily. Which is great cause the glue will come off when its time to bake!

5. Send it to your Mama!

* I would be DELIGHTED to give out the list of notes I wrote, which include halloween jokes and facts, if anyone would like it. Just shoot me an email:

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