Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 26 - APRON!


My very first sewing project I did all by my pretty self!

I am a rock star. If there was any doubt before, now you have proof!

Wanna see it??

FABULOUS! The pocket was an afterthought but I'm so glad I added it in. 

It ties in a pretty bow in the back!

I didn't have anything fancy either. I have no nice pincushion or big sewing box with lots of bobbins and thread and tools. Just me, the machine, a box of pins, tape measure, and one roll of thread. AMAZING!

Now you may look at the first photo and say "Wait a sec. Theres nothing holding it up! No neck strap or tie. UPDATE: Thanks Regena. It's a pinafore!

It's original purpose is for my baby doll costume. It'll get temporarily hand sewn to the dress. Then when Halloween is over, I'll add some straps and VIOLA! New cooking apron. FIRST cooking apron!

Stay tuned for the TUTORIAL!

P.S. That's my Poet Pride shirt under there...POET PRIDE!!


  1. Super cute apron Fazio! -Veronica Romero

  2. Very Donna Reed. Add some pearls, and you're set!

  3. until you ad the neck straps, you can call it a pinafore! The British call them pinnies. You go girl!


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