Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Revelation

The Revelation. 

I think every blogger has one. Its the moment where blogging goes from "a silly, narcissistic, idea" to therapeutic and dare I say just plain ol' fun! My revelation came this evening through another bloggers revelation, a more famous blogger than I (much much much more famous) in a little movie called Julie and Julia. When I first read the book and saw the movie I still felt blogs were weird and fell back on my usual "Why would anyone want to read what other people have to say about their lives? I don't like reality t.v. so why would I like reality internet?" But that all change a few months ago.

A few months ago I was living in a rural, population 25, pueblo in the southern region of Costa Rica. I can tell you that without a doubt it was the loneliest six months of my life. Not to say it wasn't fun, because it was. But when communication is limited as it was for me, being only sorta good at Spanish, talking becomes a chore. And with any chore after a while you wish you could just hand it off to someone else. So I started a blog called Under the Tico Sun to catalogue my journey and reconnect with people at home. I posted stories and anecdotes about my life in hopes that someone would find me funny. As you can imagine life for a gringa from the city in small rural Costa Rican town would have its hilarious moments. And it did. I had a running battle with a giant grasshopper named "Senor" and several awkward stories where I learn something new about the Costa Rican culture.

And I wrote a fair number of posts. And at first my friends and family to commented on them. But as posts became less frequent, less people read them. They went back to their lives and were no longer enthralled by my adventurous life. And really, neither was I. I need something to take my mind off feeling out-numbered. This is how I was turned on to blogs. I had read one blog, pretty faithfully. I enjoy her way of writing and her pictures are just so beautiful. I let a friend, a seasoned blog enthusiast know what kind of things I was interested, hobbies of sorts, and asked her to suggest some fun blogs. Oh boy did she follow through. Thanks to her I'm also hooked on and the Bakerella.

So my views began to change. I enjoyed readying about these strangers lives, seeing what cool things they did or what yummy recipes they tried.

And just like I became obsessed. I've mentioned it before (I think) and I will mention it several more times, stumbling has opened my world of blogs to a whole new level. If you don't know what it means to stumble, head on over to and see for yourself.

Now I'm a blog maniac. I don't think I'm narcissistic for writing a blog, nor do I think it's silly. I'm having fun. And while I only have 1 follower, someone I practically begged to check out my website, I know its going to bring me a lot of joy.

So thanks, future readers, for thinking my life and my recipes are cool enough to read.


  1. I'm your one in only follower.. YEEPEE !.. So Have you ever tried making chocolate chip muffins ? I tried once and all the chocolate chips weighed down to the bottom of the muffin and it wasnt so tasty .. how the heck do these people get the chips to stay floating around in the mix when they bake??? I'll read your posts, your a very silly girl ! Mwuaah

  2. Just so every one knows I answered you Betty, I'll post my suggestions here.

    There are a few tricks to making chocolate chips stay in place and not sink to the bottom. One suggestion is start with the minis. Scientifically, they don't weigh as much and therefore won't sink as easily. But if you only have the large ones then try this: cover your chips in flour. The flour allows the chips to stick to the batter easier than without it. Also try beefing up that recipe. The thicker the batter the less room the chips have to move around. Finally, add the chips in at the VERY last minute, stirring them around only once or twice and scoop into your pan IMMEDIATELY! Don't give those guys any time to move around and sink!
    And there you go. Hope that helps!
    -Amy @DYKTMP?

  3. Just read this Amy - so great. I'm excited to be bloggie friends!


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