Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween is almost here!

(Okay not really "almost" but stilll...)

AGH! I'm so excited!! I love Halloween!!!!

Is that apparent by all the exclamation marks I'm using!? :0)

So in honor of Halloween I plan on starting a project: A Halloween Advent Calendar

You heard me right. A Halloween Advent Calendar. My mom is OBSESSED with Halloween. Our house turns into a huge play place for trick or treaters young and old alike. People come from all over the city (and in my case all over California) to partake in the festivities. Even the city has shown us some love by closing down our street to traffic!

Still baffled as to where my love for this holiday comes from?? Probably not.

Any who, I will be making this advent as a surprise for my mom's birthday, which aptly falls a week before Halloween. Not much of a surprise if she reads this but by the time she does it will probably be finished since I plan on sending it to her before the 1st of the month! So my mom is a more avid reader of my blog than I thought. I suck at surprises...

Okay, so heres an example of a calendar I found at Stories from A to Z
Great way for me to use last years Halloween scrap materials

Adorable or What?! I'll answer that for you: Adorable! And sticks with whole website theme. Clever clever. Now you may be saying to yourself (and boy do I assume you all talk to yourselves a lot) most cupcake pans come with 6 cups, 12 cups or 24 for minis. How do you plan on making it work for 30 days? Maybe two pans maybe like they did? *snicker* Nope! 

Guess what I found!!

And so my project begins. I will post pictures of it as it starts to take shape. I think this will be the best birthday gift EVER! Okay not really but one the most fun to make! 

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